Let’s get started by helping you balance work and life. If you haven’t yet explored options with a Nanny or household helper you can trust us to find the best fit for your family.

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Kidology offers Nanny Placements with only the best candidates matched to your family. Our SitClub vetting process is highly selective and thorough. From entry level candidates to the most seasoned nanny professionals in childcare and domestic support, we refer only the best qualified care providers in your area to support your family’s daily life.

Referral agency Benefits

We will help facilitate the application process by vetting candidates before setting up your interview with a select few. After you have selected your top nanny candidate, we will guide you through developing your nanny agreement. Once placement agreement is finalized we will provide ongoing support and advice on industry standards, proper employment protocol, employee management issues, and specific case scenarios to make sure there is success.


Upon your Nanny’s start date, we provide a 90 day guarantee period. If for any reason within the first 90 days, the Nanny you have hired does not meet your required expectations or leaves the position, we will provide one (1) replacement at no charge, pending availability. Contact agency for full details on hiring a permanent Nanny.


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The background and experience of the nanny determines their hourly rate. Some Nannies will expect an hourly pay, while others may prefer the flexibility of a fixed weekly pay..


There is a 3 consecutive hour minimum for day or evening shift and seven-hour minimum for overnight.


Long term employees are typically offered two weeks paid vacation, a fixed number of paid days for sick and personal time, and pay for major holidays. Our long term agreements are typically 6 or 12 months. 

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